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The complete SANITARY PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION OF FOOD guide is available on the state web site: He-P 2300.

For the NHDHHS food service application and licensing procedures,click here.

​For information on processing and/or manufacturing food in residential (home) kitchens, click here.

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definitions, rules & laws

​“Farmers’ market’ means an event or series of events at which 2 or more vendors of agricultural commodities gather for purposes of offering for sale such commodities to the public. Commodities offered for sale must include, but are not limited to, products of agriculture, as defined in RSA 21:34-a. “Farmers’ market’ shall not include any event held upon any premises owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by any individual vendor selling therein. 

See RSA 175:1, XXXI-a.

RSAs: Click here for a compilation of RSAs that are germane to NH farmers’ markets.

For a list of rules and laws that pertain to agriculture, in general, go to the NHDAMF web site.

New Hampshire Rules for Sanitary Production and Distribution of Food: